• Welcome to MYTHS

    - your portal to a fantastic world of mythical experiences!
    The MYTHS portal gives you the opportunity to experience a unique adventure! Become the hero of an incredible story. Take the challenge, design plans to reach your goal and learn if and how other heroes have mastered these adventures.
  • Step by step you'll experience your mythical role-playing adventure. Choose a challenge and watch the video. Develop - in a group or alone - a strategy for your own hero journey. Various role-playing groups have already faced the same challenge and devised plans to master them. What plan would you follow? Then learn whether the heroes were successful and what surprises were lurking on their way. Would you have been successful with your strategy? Find out and play the role-playing game with your friends. Use our handbook! It tells you everything about the ERASMUS+ MYTHS-project and how to roleplay! For a unforgettable gaming and learning experience!

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    1. Sign in as a group and divide it into teams.
    2. Select one of the five Challenge-Videos, e.g. „NostalgiaSUPERDONE“.
    3. Develop your and your team’s strategy to tackle the challenge.
    4. Play your strategy in a Roleplay game and/or:
    5. Watch one or all five plan videos, e.g. plan 2 team 1.
    6. Finally watch the appropriate result video of the same team, e.g. result 2, team 1.
      Then select the next challenge video…